My Very First Post

wow…I feel a kick writing this.I have finally joined the elite bandwagon of bloggers.I have always so wanted to do this,write and let my thoughts out.But God,I dunno why I was not.I mean,words were right there,I just cudnt frame them into sentences and man it does take patience to really face your thoughts,those lil elves running around,those secrets hidden somewhere and the real YOU.I am happy however I did make a start.I thought a lot about what to name my blog,and for me this seemingly ‘lil’ process took a long time cos I wanted to make it special too..Oh me and my ways of elevating every silly thing I do for the first time to the highest levels of preparedness and importance.But hey I am fine with me,hope someone reading my ramblings would not complain either.I will post more later,am hungry and am hungry to write a lot.Yuhoo,a blog,a writing space all to myself.And on I go,but my foray into this has just begun….and i will come back!!!

4 thoughts on “My Very First Post

  1. hey anwi..waiting for the “main course”..the starter’s seems good………check me out :nitinrohidas.wordpress.com

  2. hey anwi..waiting for the “main course”..the starter’s seems good………check me out :nitinrohidas.wordpress.com

  3. wow !!! Thats the spirit. Took time for you to get into blogging but it’s never late. I’m sure you can juggle with plenty of ideas and can never get tired writing those down. Chotu…Just get goin and this place sounds perfect for my favourite writer..thts you !. It’s inspiring and now even I’m thinking of such small lil blog space for me too. Very good work dear…Keep rocking here !!

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