a reality that was once!!

Have not been able to comprehend fully the things that have been happening over the past few months.Like my leaving home almost 2 years back and going to hyd,then attending the training sessions there with an entirely new bunch of people,sharing room with two girls ,earning for the firt time in my life,living off that meagre income,having a first taste of that financial and emotional independence,then all of a sudden taking a decision to change place and go to pune.Well of course the reason being an entirely different one,but in retrospect all seems to fall in place,then living in pune.It was always my dream,my wish to work in bombay or atleast in a place where the feeling of being closer to my dear city would be realised and there I was.It all happened soon,till the day I left pune I was not able to understand the reality that I was in the city,living,walking,singing dancing,humming and then the last 4-5 months..Ohh ,they were hectic and amazing.My office life was good,was getting to learn a lot.But most importantly I was observing the ways of the world,trying to understand life.Now when I am in my own home,far far away from pune,from the feeling of possessing bombay and the fast moving crowd,I still cant seem to fathom the past one and a half years that sped by.Images flit in my mind,of pune,of people I lived with and grew happier with,of places that sheltered me,of the spirit of the city that had a human form for me and everything seems like a different reality altogether.Something far beyond my comprehension.I dont know if I will be able to come back and live this life again.And mebbe the charm lay only in living it once but is life really just a series of happenings that occur,leave an imprint and then become a blurred image in one’s mind?

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