a mind wanders…

sitting on a chattai on a dusty sleepy town in rajasthan,
sipping garam chai and wrapped up in a shawl,
she looks into the far distance at the soon disappearing sun,
lost in the music of a late legend ustad nusrat fateh ali khan…

she walks upto the group of two women folk dancers and tries swaying her body,
to the music the turbaned man plays on his shehnai with elan,
and to the music inside her,
she wants to dance in stealthily slow moves consumed by some strong passion..

she feels like wandering into the strong sand laden winds ,
walk right in to the center of it all and never come back,
walking into the depths of her being ,she has lived enough from the outside,
she wants to come face to face with her life,the way it looks to her,her alone and with no one beside…

the golden sky of the rajasthan desert,
the colourful melange of colors,music,dust and longing..
she wants to lie down in the middle of the sea of sand and count the stars,
a cold sad wind blows making her pull her shawl closer on her,she comes more into herself and the rest of everything is now waiting,waiting for her to unfold…..


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