a ha ha for me!!

listen ….
is anyone listening?
to my ‘insignificant’ worries…oh okie i understand..
when you are thinking of mundane but important things,how can anyone?
a ha ha for me!!

for bing supremely foolish..

and you know,you know what i was thinking…about dancing on the clouds,about talking and talking,about the stars,about the universe..whether its flat or round like the earth..
i was thinking what will happen if we kept walking and walking from one point in the universe…
would we cross paths…would ‘we’ cross paths…?
are we not visitors in this time frame?fleeting?
and while i was looking at the clouds wondering of the bad things like love,romance,philosophy
the world was plotting against my types…by learning how to suvive in the world..being world smart..
a ha ha for me again!!(chorus if you may)

and oh no wait..it does not end there..
i actually allowed myself to blurt out what i think…as if the realisation that you think of ‘other’ unnecessary stuffffff (stress on the ffff..) is not a blunder enough(lady control your mind!!)
and it is followed by remorse,guilt,stupidity,random thoughts..which keep me away from ‘important ‘ things again..

a big ha ha for me(this time all can change your pitch and chorus)

Song ends.A bow.


2 thoughts on “a ha ha for me!!

  1. a ha ha for you lee-toon 🙂 i seem to have a song for you on each occassion … here’s one more. It’s a feel good n kickass kinda song with excellent flute n jingle. good listeninghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n577vbu_Gds&mode=related&search=

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