for you!!

a girl does destroy the friendship between two boys..

then one shuts himself up in his own world….and thinks of infinite sadness in his finite spaces..

But I want to know ,do three friends just mean three,the number three?

are they not three universes in themselves…? three vast big universes?

One can find unlimited reasons to be sad,angry,pained and stoned…but finding one’s way through these sign-posts of life to clearer greener patches is what matters…

But then when you are sad,all that matters is your own universe…
and yet what he thought could have caused him pain was some selfish act of two people..

Selfish acts give rise to selfishness…is not it?
Just as pain gives more pain..

I was there a few days back..no a few moments back..but with so much beauty around,its hard to not fall back in love..

I hope someone understands the messages and the sign-posts..and finds his way through..

we all love you!! we can love you even while staying in our own universes…and not necessarily in one..


One thought on “for you!!

  1. “Some feelings sink so deep into the heartthat only loneliness can help u find them again.”“sometimes we love with nothing more than hope. Sometimes we cry with everything except tears” “If fate does not make you laugh then you just don’t get the joke”I have no idea whatsoever how relevant these are but just thought of mentioning…. 🙂

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