was tagged..hehe!!

wow..first of all thanks neha..I had never been tagged and so i feel happy about being tagged 🙂
and okie I have always dreamt of capturing a lotta sights,sounds,images,passing times,people,their pecularities,their lovely expressions,I am so fascinated by the sky,the stars ,the moon…I do not like the sun,I do not like people posing,I like shadows…okie so all this has not been captured..what has been does not really deserve to be a tagga-ble pic but I will still go for a pic I took of the moon,it was I think 4 or 5 in the evening in raleigh and I took Shri’s new camera for this ,I would love to own one of those babies ;)…and the moon looks so divine and white and so alluring and also so close..u can almost hold it..

and i am yet to find more such sights.. and also I am not able to zero in on any picture dear to me right now,..will do it when I find one…

And I shall now continue with the legacy and pass on ‘being tagged’ (thanks again Neha!!) to Ravi,Anupam,Manoj,pooja..:)


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