Being a Fim Critic (seems like my calling)

After a long time, went for a movie last friday and after an even longer time, went with daddy in tow.Yes, he’s come visiting me.All the way ,distance covering half our planet…having gained time,leaving time and India behind,he is with me now.I was not keen on watching it but then I was not totally averse to the idea also.Somehow, whatever little of the promos that I have seen of ‘Sarkar Raj‘ made little sense and appeal to me.I am ‘not very fond’ of the much hyped Miss Rai nee Bachchan and the movie seemed to be more of a launch pad for the newly married power couple making their on-screen debut post marriage.
But yes I had immensly liked ‘Sarkar’. I had admired,crushed on and fantasised about Abhishek Bachchan and his intense eyes.And so I went along.

Well, all I would say is ‘not bad’.But mind you,I am not saying ‘Good’ as should have been the case.Its a one time watch,not entirely a waste if you are an Indian student spending some precious dollars from your un-interning life here in the US.It could have been better,crisper and Aishwarya Rai could have been played by anyone else too for that matter.The first half seemed to me as if they just asked Abhishek to maintain a forever angry,intense look no matter what be the case , Amitabh is Amitabh…he essays the role of an ageing ‘Suhas Nagre’ well and with a calm restraint of a father who is now more dependent on his son’s handling of situations.Some of the scenes and dialogues before the intermission can be dispensed away with.The movie reeks of strong marathi and esp Mumbai politics and the very essence of the power the city’s politics is made of.Ram Gopal Verma has his distint touches.The camera work, the close shots of the actors face highlighting their every contour is one of his isms.
Post-Intermission, things do speed up.Its like a sudden unravelling of a lot of plots.And the end throws a few surrpises too.From being a figment of imagination in Munna Bhai’s mind as Gandhi, to playing ‘Rao saahib’, the staunch marathi respectable village veteran, Dilip Prabhalkar sails flawlessly across the two contrary roles.
To give Aishwarya credit, she looks good,with a certain age showing on her face and glow of a wise woman.She looks near perfect too(ouch!!). And yes,in bits and pieces you like her acting but like I felt, she could have been played by anyone without one noticing.
The film clearly belongs to Amitabh Bachchan who takes upon him the task of reinstating the Sarkar’s power.No one could have snatched this role from him and done justice.Abhishek is good too,though he could have got a little more variety to his serious acting.Perhaps!!.But despite the good comments, I still feel the film was marketed on the coming together of the Bachchans and on the ‘consciously dialed down chemistry’ between Abhishek and Aishwarya more than the film’s real strength,its story.
Of course, I am just one more curious on-looker who fell prey to their publicity.so!! 🙂


One thought on “Being a Fim Critic (seems like my calling)

  1. one more similarity….i too love films,reading reviews & adding some of my own…though my forte is primarily Hollywood…our hindi movies somehow seldom appeal to me…for example Sarkar seemed to me to go a bit over the top in making the intense statement…just a thought…always a pleasure to read your blog…:)

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