A reasonably okay day!

So after a long time, I actually sat down studied the whole day and felt happy,not guilty.I still had that layer of perpetual worries eating me away but for a change they were not the most important things I had to worry about.I actually had a good satisfying day.I woke up late, had my cup of tea, studied, had Indian food, chatted with the nicer people and was also sometimes drifting away to unseen ,magical lands.

But I asked someone a question a day back, and it was not answered but I now my mind is more curious now not so much about the answer than if someone does really understand the whole situation which made mw ask that.
Well, we really cannot get everything out of people,or relationships.We just get what we deserve and sometimes a little more than it too.(sometimes less too, but I sincerely think I am not in the league of those fictitious women who wrote to Greg expressing their concerns if “he really was into them” or not!)

I am waitin for my finals to get over, cause feels like there is a lot more going to happen, a lot of changes which I have not yet anticipated or even thought of.I have to be much stronger then.
Hope I see myself through some of ‘those’ much feared times!


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