One of my ideal weekends, rainy mornings,crumpled sheets, a little cold inside the house so you fold your hands together to be warm,a nice cup of tea,the world being researched people being snooped on,crisp new ideas forming in your mind and an impending trip …I am happy!

So yesterday I had fun hanging out with everyone,the normal gang of people, for Alan’s birthday.I did down some drinks, but yest I felt super sober and I was happy talking to so many people and for a change, not sitting quietly and listening to people talk,drifting away into my own world.Thanks Andrea,and all for the very good times.

I am looking forward to the beach next weekend,just want to lay down ,watch the waves,hear them crash and fall in their life-long cycle,hear the sea gulls and savor the saltiness ,humidity and serenity of a small beach side community.

I am going to start ‘Hanging by a Tail’,will have to put Jennifer Lancaster’s book on hold for now, because the other book needs to be posted back to Paul(who is my Dad’s friend and such a good person) in Canada.It’s his copy of the book and he was kind enough to lend it to me.

I am also in a emotional mess, like more of a stress born out of my need to analyze,over-analyze,think,have everything in order despite the general rule about my life being disorderliness..and I think a getaway will be a much needed thing to get some of these things out of my way.


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