For a daughter there is no one like her father.

Every other ‘man’ who  walks into her life , just does not treat her right.He is either cheating on you, or demanding to be left out of your personal shit, or is ready to shit on you and run off,or thinks you are too weak for crying if he shat on you, or he does not listen or even if he does, he screens out the stuff that really means something to you.

After a father, there is no one who quite gets it how special we are,and how we need to be loved!

boring and emotional crap- but it is not far from the truth


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  1. wow ! Although, I have recently realized that there are women in your life to make up for all this. Just that we don’t look at them and seek their listening powers. I recently ran into a friend of mine in a mall and after cursing me about “this is how we meet, eh?”, she said “It must be frustrating,right?” That felt just so good you know. As if she understood all the pain I am going through. Exactly, what I needed. Empathy not sympathy!

  2. Oh so that is you,I was wondering who the hell is goodguy ha!
    Oh about this post,let us just say I was having a bad day,the day I had a fever,lost my phone, did not hear from you,was fighting all sorts of stupid crazy thoughts and the only thing ,the only person by my side was my father.

    And I have to disagree with you, you are okay for the most,quite frankly,and thank you so much for that 🙂

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