I <3 Christmas

I think my favorite holiday is Christmas.It is such a happy time.I have of course not celebrated Christmas at home, since we are Hindus, but nothing has kept me from loving this holiday just so much.I went to a convent school and we would have nice celebrations just on the last day of the school year,before our Christmas vacation.That used to be a happy time.We would do skits, sing carols, would come in colorful dresses and the school would distribute candies.Then after all that it would be 10 days of fun at home,sleeping late,no home-work, no studying for a while.

I have also seen enough movies to further my love for this special holiday.The snow covered houses,the lights,the christmas tree, the presents,Santa ,Rudolph and the good food and wine.

I had the best Christmas last year,and I would once again like to thank Mary and LeRoy for having me over and everyone else who was there,it was just one of my most happiest times.

So this time,I am not going to be there, but I still wanted to have a wishlist( I hope ‘someone’ is reading this 😉 ) and perhaps if I have been good this year, santa will somehow make sure I get these not-so-expensive presents.The joys of being honest and greedy tee hee!

Okay, so here goes.

1. It is but natural that I want my make-up needs given my love for it now.This is what I want


.Have heard a lot about Urban Decay and this set looks good,it has the primer which is a big hit, the eye pencil and a lipstick and a gloss.

2. This brand is one of my new and cool find.A bit pricey but they package their products in a very cool way,I kind of like that a lot more.But I think one could also get the same products in other brands,and also way cheaper.Anyway still,I would like to have this for reasons best known to me.


3. I hope by now it is very clear,I have some serious make-up addiction now! This Lorac gift set looks very tempting and the clutch is super-cute too.


4.  I have heard very good reviews about Philosophy from Andrea  and I think this would make for an ideal gift on any occasion.


5.  I am just beginning to discover etsy now, and I so wish I had found this before.It is an amazing site for anyone who loves hand-made art and craft work,vintage clothing and home decor.I highly recommend it to you Shalaka if you still have not checked it out.I like almost everything on here,but this clutch grabbed my attention and so before I get distracted by more stuff,I shall put this down on my wishlist.pic5This has a pretty design and would fit well on formal occasions.

 And also this tote pic5.1,I think it will be a good bag to carry around more and look hep too.

6. Look at this! such a lovely dress and it is by an Indian girl,am so darn happy.I like the way it falls and it looks Bohemian-isque to me.I like such cuts a lot.pic6

7. And this too! By the same girl,she is gorgeous,look at her, and so talented.


So I get it,I cannot get everything.And I wanted to keep my list even shorter,but then I got carried away.And I feel like I have been a good enough girl,so that gifts can be expected on other occasions as well 😉

The holiday season has almost begun,I am in good spirits and that is what counts for now.

Love to all!


7 thoughts on “I <3 Christmas

  1. Christmas was awesome last year! This year we’re going to Tulsa with Henry…weeee!

    Love the list. I really love Philosophy. Their skin care line is AWESOME.

  2. I really love the way you love Christmas and what you wrote abt it. I’ve never thought about it in such way. I don’t have any ill feeling towards it though. Nice, happy festival it is! Even though there’s long way to go for Christmas, with all good spirits, I’ll wish you a very happy Christmas. Wish you were here. The girl in your post is attractive.

  3. Ok so I can’t really comment on the make up but the bags do look pretty cool. I’ll have to think about how good you have been this year before I decide what to get you. 😉

  4. Andrea, you must be so excited about going to Tulsa,and this time you have a handsome little man with you two too :).I can only imagine the excitement building up there.Jana must be waiting so bad to see Henry.I hope you have a weeee time !

  5. Anupam, that girl is damn attractive and she is from Maharashtra I think.I saw her listed on this site etsy.com.She makes nice,creative things,you should make plans to hook up with her.;)

    and please wish me then too.Never enough Christmas wishes you see!!

    Have a good start to the holiday season:)

  6. John, john 🙂

    I really think I have a cool gift ,for being good last year(excuse the corniness and gooey sentiments!), but one can never get enough for being good.That’s when the make-up,the bags,the clothes come in.

    I hope ‘Santa’ comes to India next year to personally give me the gift,if you know what I mean,ha!

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