Hello !

So finally a news to share,and  a good one! I joined company ‘XYZ’ as an Asst Systems Engineer.I am happy, have waited a long time and I certainly feel like I worked hard on maintaining a positive attitude all through the waiting period,which is very important for a person like me.I have now started working and am looking forward to the next few months,the work,the team and just how it fits into the landscape of my life.

The last week has been a very hectic week.Travelling, sitting through induction sessions,getting the constant feelings of deja vu,not good not bad,just something similar that happened about 4 years back and making conversations with 4 strangers,all following a unique journey of life.I have been making a lot of mental notes,some of which will probably end up going in my personal journal.I am not exactly sure what to make of this sudden shift in my status,from someone who was just back ,who was enjoying being at home without any clue to someone who will be back in the grind and earning some money and going out and mingling with the real world.I am going to use the word ‘detached’,seems right.I am just doing what is to be done.Not shirking away,not jumping right in.This suits me fine now.

I wanted to take a moment and pray for the true heroes of everyday life,people who died in the Mumbai 26/11 carnage of last year and their families that they left behind ,and everyone who is struggling and still making the best of undeserved,unfavorable circumstances.I and you and a lot of us have it easy.And we often forget it when we whine about little things.This does not mean I stop whining ,because obviously no one is perpetually reminded of the good lessons at every single point.Sometimes we are going to complain ,act selfish and be self-centered. It is just that I( I really do not want to talk for everyone) want to just be content in my life.I do not need a whole lot,just some peace of mind.I am okay with occasional bouts of self-loathing and depression,but nothing that makes me feel too singled out in a bad way, or victimized.I am certainly not and I am learning that everyone has a very unique life they will lead,no comparisons there.

You know what! Honestly, after all this great talk,I might be the first to slip.

I had a very good day with ma today,some shopping for office wear,funny gossips with her and relaxing at home.I have decided to travel back in time and revisit one of my favorite authors from my childhood and pre-teen days,Ruskin Bond.His stories are so rich with the innocence of childhood,the languor of a sleepy ,beautiful hill side village, rustic charms,the great mountains of India.It just makes you ache to go back to your own childhood and be young,without a care ,play in the mud,play with marbles and have secrets to share with the kid next door….

I used to love reading his books so much,I had also written him a letter.I wonder if it ever even got delivered to him.But bless him,his ability to make us crave for those simple joys of life.

I am good and relaxed and hoping sincerely I hit these good spots of my life more often.


5 thoughts on “Hello !

  1. I think we should all be thankful for the little things and try to make the very best out of every day because you can never know when that all may be taken away from you

  2. hmm.. nice post. I get what you mean by detached. But yeah, it works. I agree on reminding yourself of the nicer things in life but let us not blame ourselves for those occasional bouts of depression.

  3. thanks John good guy.But you dont have to keep reiterating that on the fact ‘when it will be taken away’.It is better left unsaid explicitly you know 🙂 Love.

  4. Shalaka, I agree, we cannot blame ourselves for acting human you know.We are bound to have depressions and sometimes some people have more such down phases.But that’s just how it is, may be it also helps us appreciate things more.

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