Dear God,

I know we have had our talks and our rough times,

But I promise to be a better person and whine no more,

Well no more is a lie and we both know it ain’t gonna happen,

But I can try to be a good girl,so that you can make some miracles.

I promise to look after my four birdies and not touch or poke them in the name of love,

I love my parents way too much but I could still try some more,

I promise to appreciate every moment spent here and love my mom,my dad and my aunt

In return I just ask for a little miracle,just a wee bit of hope.

Will you please not to over-look me?Will you please also send me a ray of sunshine?

Your soon-giving-up-on-miracles child,



4 thoughts on “

  1. God sends a message through another of his over-looked child – “You kids hang on there, I need to take care of some stuff here and there and I’ll brb. I do love you all too. Don’t lose hope though or you wouldn’t be able to hang on till I get a chance to stop by !”

  2. Shalaka, going by what you think God is doing which is taking ridiculously long,he should also sit down and have a talk about some kind of justice in the world.He will end up with too many over-looked and annoyed children!

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