Love-these days

Today being the ‘day of love'(yeah,in air quotes!) ,it kinda becomes imperative to write some about it.I just want to say I am neither a embracer of this one day tradition or a stubborn-refusing-to-play-along moron.There is no harm I say.It might be unnecessary,but then a lot of things are and we do it still.

But things were different when I was younger and bought the clever strategies of the marketing industry more unquestioningly.I would think it was an insult to ‘our’ love if my partner did not know how to suddenly transform into this impossible lover and please me and write me love notes and flaunt the ‘love’ in a very out-there way! Of course I wanted others to notice this,the fact that I was what they wanted to be cos I had ‘the’ guy,more than I wanted myself to notice how naive all this was.

And of course those guys( but honestly,it is not guys really,it is a guy!) and those loves did not last.Which is a good thing.I mean good they happened,cos I would have never become this wise ,ahem,person that I am now.But I think with time I am becoming more and more comfy with the idea of love being a very understated celebration really.I love the mellow,dialed down love more.I love being loved everyday,and I love being liked more than I want to be that hot girl,who is forever pursued,with gifts flowers all complete.I am settling down and with a person I am enjoying being loved by and loving in return.

I do however like a little something this day.Just a wee something.But this year I am nowhere even close to J and that is not possible,but you know what I don’t mind it.It’s all so good despite the many obstacles and uncertainties.I suddenly feel like God,but no,do not make that mistake.I snap like this.I am also observing the changing expressions of love in our generation over the past years.First of all in India it was not a hugely popular concept,but then it has caught on.Also caught on the attention of the ‘wrong’ people,but I think more and more people are snubbing the ‘protectors of Indian culture’ and have reached a point of having had enough.Love is a part of every culture and that’s that.

Love is not any extra-ordinary feeling really.It is just a simple happy feeling,one that makes you secure,with times of faster heart beats and tingly nervousness.And it is a great feeling to experience.:)

Happy valentine’s day!

Okay I took a short break there,and I was hoping to end my blog with a wish,but I just want to add that I am damn happy people are changing their stands about celebrating this day,if not for anything,just to prove to the likes of the hardcore fanatic bullcrap parties that their days of bullying are over.They cannot play with the freedom of expression.And also, RIP those who died in the pune bomb blasts,and may the fuckers responsible be caught and flogged publicly with a hot iron rod on their bare asses.



4 thoughts on “Love-these days

  1. I’m so glad to have met you! Glad too that you have a place where I can come and say thank you for the comment. I was worried that by writing what I did people would think it was indicative of everything and everyone in India–it’s so easy for people to make generalizations.

    As it happens, next month I’m going to visit my parents for a couple weeks. Four of my siblings plus a sister in law and a nephew have gone to visit and raved about how amazing the trip was so I’m really looking forward to it.

    My parents really love it there but caution friends who come visit that Americans need to be careful and not concentrate on what might, at first, be shocking to them. Children begging, or smells, that kind of thing. They say that if you only see that you’ll miss all the beautiful things India has–like the colors, and how people smile so easily. An open mind and all that. So I’m curious and trying to go without any preconceived ideas.

  2. Happy valentines day my love! I think I agree with you about the holiday. If people really love each other they don’t need a specific day out of the year to show this, it should come out in their every day lives. But it is nice to go the extra mile every now and then

  3. There is a lot I could say about this post but I’m not going to blabber. Just know that you are an EXCELLENT writer, very expressive and you’re very loved and missed.

    Great blog entry!

  4. I agree with almost everything you have said here. In fact, I had written something similar but never published because it is not as good as this 😛
    I am neutral towards the celebration of this day yet I will celebrate it just so that the bullcrap parties know that I can do what I want to in a democracy.

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