when I was edulixing!

Something at work,read -extreme boredom, pushed me towards revisiting this site www.edulix.com that I used to be on 24/7 about 4 years back.This site is the holy grail for students,especially Indian students,who are looking forward to going to the US for their studies.And that was an amazing site,still is! I magically still remembered my username and password and logged in and wow! it just brought back a whole lot of memories.I felt tingly and emotional.And what a co-incidence! Now am on a similar immigration site,except now I know America,American culture,people-well some of it! And I am now looking at sites in a different capacity.But that excitement still is as fresh and innocent as it was 4 years back.And I kind of feel bad admitting it on here,but I feel selfish that I never logged back on that site once everything got fixed and I was States bound.My last login date was the 11th of July,2007…

I just wanted to post the review of my Visa Interview(VI) .Not cause it will help anyone,but because it was special.It was written by this excited 23 year old girl,waiting to go,live it up and grab the opportunity.Who was not so mindful of what others said or commented.I still am not,but something over 3 years has changed..

Before anything I would actually like to thanks edulix,I have not been a very active member,but whatever queries I did post always saw instant replies and those helped me immensely.Its a different thing that posting my Visa interview here wud really not help others much,cos I had a dream interview.Help or no help,I will anyways go ahead and post it.Hope soemone benefits.

My VI was on the 25th of May,Friday in the Mumbai consulate.I had also taken the lounge option.So,I reached the vfs ofice by 6:45am ,and already found a queue there and it was steadily building up.I was alone and nervous when I had started for the place.But seeing so many people there with excitement and nervousness written all over their faces,I started feeling better and it was also a moment of no more turning back,whatever had to happen wud happen.Then we went inside the office and yes,the guard there would check your Visa appointemnt letter,your passport and the pink HDFC slip.So carry it and dont keep it in the folder.

Then at around 7:30,people with 7:30 and 7:45 appointments were asked to board the bus to the consulate.We reached there,were frisked inside for a security check.Its here that they gave us a wooden token.And do keep it immediately inside your folder cos if you keep it outsise u may tend to lose it.And do not.hehe!! Then,we were placed in queues,all random I guess and a lady came and stapled my passport and I-20.and then I reached the counter where they handed me all those DS forms we had submitted earlier(only for the Mumbai consulate).Then I went and joined a queue for finger-printing and they took back everything and issued me a pink slip on which my token number was written.

Everything was done by 8:17,and from there it was just a desperate wait for the big interview to get over soon.And I think if you are not too too absent minded then you can not miss your number being called.

Finally,at around 9:40 I got a call from one counter and I rushed there.I was the fist person in the queue and was signalled to come in by the VO.He was a black-haired young guy(which worked to my fav Wink ).And here is the excerpt of the almost not there interview:

VO:Hello Miss,Moning!! How do you do?
Me:Hello Sir,I am good and how are you? Smile
VO:So Miss,which all univs had you applied to?
Me:Sir apart from NCSU.I had applied to xyz.
VO:And why this aprticular Univ?
Me:Sir,I did a lot of research on the univs once I satrted getting admits and I found out that NC State is great univ for Networking.
VO:Hmm..Could I see your GRE and TOEFL scorecards and your BE certificate?
ME:I slide them
VO:Very impressive scores mam
Me: Smile
VO:What are your goals after you complete the course?
Me:Sir to work in a good company in India

To b frank,it was a very rotten answer and so cliche but he was not listening to that and he was smiling a lot and then he said:
VO:Okie mam your Visa has been approved and shall be couriered to you in 3 days.

Then I too did a lil interview Laughing
Me:sir,I can collect the passport today evening too,right?
VO:Yes man,but I gotta warn you its gonna b very hot and the queue wud be too long,would you still wanna do that?And keep the I-20 with you,show it at your port of entry.

I felt like doing a lil jig right there,was so intimidated by the whole experience.It was great for me.I then came out,took the bus and it dropped me back to the vfs office.I guess I was more relieved than happy for soemtime.hehe!!

All the best everyone,and be spontaneous rather than rehearsed.That helps!! 


4 thoughts on “when I was edulixing!

  1. you know what ! It’s nice that you are going to post it. In fact, I have always felt this urge to write to these forums to help others know about your experiences. (especially the jobs search). Probably just a way to giving back to the society?

    That was a cute little post. May be when you actually post it you add some pointers for people to actually make some use of them. 🙂

  2. But I did post it Shals 🙂

    Can you not see the interview excerpt?I hope my browser is working fine, cos it did crap out on me a few times yest!

    I did initially want to stick around on that forum, but I obviously failed! But I am sticking around on this other visa forum for sure.In fact just today I got promoted to a ‘Gold Member’ position for crossing a certain number of posts 🙂 Such imp milestones you see!

  3. oh Hold on ,now I get what you mean!

    This interview review is what I posted on that site 3 years ago girl.
    I just copy pasted it from there.I did publish it on that forum earlier to help the other people who were going to be interviewed in Mumbai too 🙂

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