Just wanted to say…I am happy with my life,with my simple no-frills life,with my very loving and caring husband without whom I would really not be as fantastic and special and loved,for our very lazy and sir sheds-a-lot dog,for my ma and daddy without whom I would be very unhinged ,unstable and not here basically,for the four tiny birds who gave me immense strength and ample distractions during my period of trials and frustrations,for my in-laws,my extended family here in this country and most importantly for the simple joys in my life which remind me that I have a lot and I should be humble and content.



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  1. Hi….I have started falling in love with ur blog πŸ™‚ ur feelings r very well expressed πŸ˜€

    Waiting to find some more……;-)

  2. It has been so long since I read your blog and I came here today only to find this nice little post. I’m glad that you are happy and making the most of good times πŸ™‚ I agree that it is very important to realise how much we all have- something we always tend to overlook.

  3. Hii Ellora,
    I am sorry that my memory is a little blurry now.My under-grad days were not my favorite ,so its really my fault.But I do remember the few interactions we had,you too are from sbp right?
    Well thank you for taking some time to read these little ramblings now and then !

  4. I have missed you Shalaka ..How’s everything with you?

    after reading your comment I felt a little under pressure to perform,you know ,meaning to continue to keep hitting these high spots more frequently.But you of all people also understand that not always can this promise to oneself be kept…But the important thing is to realize the bottom-line and keep coming back to it.right?

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