Pumpkin Carving and Halloween-ness!

Yesterday I carved a pumpkin for the very first time! And I am brazenly declaring my first attempt to be a major success.Much liked by me and John.I am a big sucker for trying out new things and this is one more thing I can now tick off my list of things to do before I die.Or before my hair grays or either one.

I made sure we took pictures at every step so that I could demonstrate my extreme focus and sincerity.( Lots and lots of job-hunting has made me use these resume-specific words!).

So we began by first drawing a circle around the top of the pumpkin where it has that little piece of twig sticking out.followed by careful incision and cutting closely around the marked circle with a long and sharp knife.









And that is how it looked like after ย the top was removed!








Then we used a scooper and our nimble hands to scoop out the innards of the pumpkin.That took quite some time and produced a lot of orange mulch.But once both of us got done scooping out as much as we could,this was how the two pumpkins looked like.









After this,since we both had separate ideas in mind we each used our own stencils.No,actually I didn’t even use one because all I wanted to do was the classic Jack-O-lantern face.Just eyes,a nose and a big open mouth.

While John wanted to do some major kick-ass ogre face.And he was really hard at work on this one.( What’s with that mustache dude?)










Here is what mine looked like.






And finally we were done carving! We used two of our mini scented candles for the final glow.

Ta da! This is what our pumpkins looked like.They are now sitting on the cooler on our deck ,symbolizing for me our first Halloween as a husband and wife,our little couple project and the fact that I am not as bad as sometimes my mind tricks me into thinking!

(PS: I do not see an ogre on his.All I see is a monkey! We have agreed to settle with Gorilla however!)

And yes,our spooky movie nights have begun.Already watched, ‘Lake Mungo’ and ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’.Tonight we are planning on watching ‘Session 9’ which apparently is one of the top scary movies.I hope it does not disappoint like ‘A nightmare…’ did.Like seriously people??

‘Lake Mungo’ however was really good! It is scary,it is intense.The haunting background score, the stunning photography everything.I liked it more cos it was not about trying to scare the audience with effects and loud sounds.It focussed more on the grief aspect of death and loss.I recommend it.


8 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving and Halloween-ness!

  1. Whoa. Those are some massively cool carved pumpkins! Very nice. Happy Halloween!

    Our Halloween tradition is to scare little kids, watch slasher flicks and eat a boatload of candy. =D

    If you’re looking for a seriously scary flick–try THE STRANGERS. But definitely not alone!

  2. Hey Priyam,
    Happy Halloween to you too ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes,our traditions seem mostly alike except for the candy part.My husband does not appreciate candies and sweet stuff in general.But I like them and we do have a packet laying around now.
    Oh and we have seen ‘The Strangers’ actually! a good movie.Recently we saw a french movie ‘Them’ which is very similar to ‘The Strangers’.
    Oh and we watched ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ yesterday.Scary stuff.

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