On a rainy sunday evening

It has been raining here all day long! actually,all day yesterday and today! The sky is over-cast and everything looks so gloomy and eerily still and if you know me even a little bit you know how much I am a sucker for this kind of weather.Right now the sky has a slight golden pink tinge and all the trees look bare and everything is just adding up to be a perfect staying at home kinda weather.I am making some coffee and even though Sunday is my ritual day of mourning and harboring intense cynical and negavtive views of the week ahead,I do have sporadic bursts of I-am-above-all-this moments.

John’s not at home and I really really miss him.I love that man to death.Sometimes he can be difficult,like every other person,but I miss him now that he is not around.Good thing the Panthers lost yet again(yawn!) and I can expect to see his smart-ass Pautsch face soon.This weekend I felt like we could not hang out much together.I watched a hindi movie Friday night after work and John was doing his thing.The next thing I know I had 3 hard lemonades and beers and I was happy and content.Saturday I had a all Indian girl’s night and it was awesome fun.I love this group of girls,everyone’s easy to talk to,everyone does their thing and then we meet once in a while and all catch up.We went to this fancy Mexican restaurant and I had a delicious crab-meat soup.Then we danced for a while,I was clumsy and very conscious,but I had fun! And today,John’s out with his buddies watching football.So yeah,we could not do much together ,but that’s fine.I am just glad that now no matter what we do separately sometimes,we always come back to each other,to this home ,to our family of three 🙂

And also,we put up our Christmas tree two weeks back,I made my first wreath with the help of my mother-in-law.I love you Mary ! and Thank you.It is a different thing I do not get to see the tree or the wreath so much,thanks to my crazy work hours.But hey! I am grateful I have something to whine about ,right?We also had some snow last Saturday.It was sorta unexpected for this time of the year in NC,but it was so magical and nice and it felt like a real perfect winter.

Oh and also my friend colored my hair.Not colored,more of highlights and she did such a awesome job,everyone loves my hair.I feel different ,good different 🙂

I just wanted to post some pictures of what’s been happening in the Pautsch household.And everyone,have  a very happy and cheerful countdown to Christmas !

my first ever wreath on our front door
the first snow this season !

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