I don’t know why but I suddenly have started thinking of where I would ideally like to retire.

I would like to retire in a small quaint house in a beach town, probably NC, preferably in the Outer Banks. Close to the beach, the saltiness, the sea gulls, where I can hear the faint rise and crash of the waves and drift away.

I would probably like to own a sweet and rusty little bar in the town whose name would be ‘Beer ‘O Clock- in here it’s always beer time!! Seafood like no other ‘ .Well, then let’s say we are talking about what I would have wanted to do with my life had I not had the life I am living now.

Me and husband would own a little bar for the town folks and fisherman to come hang out in. We would be good buddies with Mike the fisherman or Captain Rusty the guy who takes people on boat rides of the ocean or Brenda the waitress at the local seafood joint who is married to the old guy who sells frozen custard. We would probably have a few beers with them and talk about the slow business in the off-seasons or just celebrate a good day in the docks!

Back to retiring, I would love to have a cat and may be a bird. We will probably have some plants and flowers on our front porch, two white rocking chairs and a little round table. Have some figurines on either side of the steps leading down the porch to our front-yard. And we would be old and clumsy and grumpy but the moment we sit on the deck overlooking the ocean at 4’O Clock for our evening tea, we would be quiet and serene and at peace. We would sit there and listen to the faint noises of the sparse population, the faint quaking of the gulls from far away  and the waves in their perennial motions. And may be go back in to the warmth of our little house in a bit with our cat, dog and birds. I would probably then make some soup and heat up some bread and we would still watch tv and enjoy our food just like in the old times. Oh but we have to have an Indian grocery store close-by so that I can always have the food I grew up with within my reach. Then we would probably talk about the weather and how things have changed and grumble about the soaring prices, and then John would still kiss me goodnight and tell me I am his brown angel or his crinkly old brown angel and we will go to bed at 9’O Clock. Nice and early.

I am only just now starting work I really choose ,not  just working but actually enjoying ! And the fact that I am planning retirement may not sound like the brightest. But hey, I am a drifter. Always have been and probably always will be.


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