life is so strange. One moment your parents are here and the other they are not.

I have started feeling low. I know there are some really tough days ahead of me, of us rather. This is the last week of my parents stay here.. Time flew so fast, so fast that we could not even notice. Because we were busy falling in love all over again with each other, with this new person I had brought into their lives, my extended family, my parents and their role in everything in our lives.

It breaks my heart a little every second of each passing moment. Each second brings us a little closer to separation again. And you all know am such a cynic, such a loser when it comes to emotions. God knows when we will meet again.

You know , we spend so much of our lifetime living with our parents and we never understand this bond. I am only just beginning to realize how cool my parents are. How cool and loving and nice and incredibly amazing people they are. I am not a very conventional daughter in my terms. Actually, in their terms too. I have done a lot of things that I should not have by virtue of being a responsible child but I did anyway because they comforted me. And my parents have always,  unwillingly sometimes, been supportive of it. Not only because I am their daughter and they were blinded but because I was given that freedom to thrive as a person. I married into a whole new world and brought a very unexpected person into their lives and despite their initial hesitation they have now lovingly embraced him. Of course I do not get complete credit for this. The person himself deserves all of it. But still, giving your child  the wings to fly is credit-worthy.

All parents have different ways of interacting with and loving their children. I appreciate every sort of bond. I love how much of a daughter I am to my parents. I will never tire or never feel uncool to feel this connected to these two people. I love them. I will miss them. I will miss our times together so much. I think I will be a mess for a few days next week. I need a good cry or two to get over missing them.

I want to cry right now. I am in fact.

I feel very blessed that I could share this time of my life with them. One of our biggest achievements is instilling in them them the assurance that we will take care of each other. My husband instilled in them the reassurance that their daughter is in good hands. I think no matter what we say, when we become parents, we also turn into some of our’s. And it is not a uncool thing. They are just parents.

I will miss you both a lot. I hope this was a time well spent for both of you. I love you!


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  1. Hey Anwesha,
    We went to grad school together, if you remember. You were the first person I made contact with while in India. I stumbled on your blog accidentally and its great to see you happy and married. Congratulations on that! Send me an email or something if you’d like to get together. I’d like to catch up with you some day.
    I hope you have a good week.

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