Meet Vincent :)

Guess who just adopted an unbelievably stinking cute 3 month old kitten from the SPCA and is a brand new cat-owner?

Me! If you could not see where I was going.

I can go on and on about how ridiculously cute my new little buddy is, how much I love him, how he is everything I had wanted ‘my’ pet to be. But I really cannot do justice. Now I love Otto, he is my precious little boy. He is a big brother now to a very scrawny little guy. Vincent has some one awesome to look upto!

Gosh, am I sounding like a new parent? I feel like I am. Wait till you see how responsible I am for him. I got him on our anniversary as a gift on the condition that I take care of him. I feel happy. Happy ,happy!

I have some new pictures of little Vinny, he is a keeper,isn’t he?

day one in his new home! A little tired after all the investigation
this is how he napped this evening after a lot of playing
heyyy fellas!
all stretched out

Oh and as I write this, he is sleeping away tucked in a little space on my lap, purring gently and occasionally stretching his  teeny claws. Happiness!



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