It is drizzling again. Just my kind of dark rainy afternoon 🙂

Woke up late today. Vincent always wakes me up early early morning, plays with my fingers thinking it is a toy. So I wake up and indulge him for a bit. Then I fell back to sleep as soon as the husband left for work. Had a big cup of coffee. Mmmm coffee!

I need to start studying. I have been doing College level Algebra and geometry stuff all over again. After a gap of 6 years. Last I was studying these was when I was preparing for GRE. It is fun to study. I think I like being a student. I would like to always remain one.

I am studying these days for the COMPASS placement test. If I do well, I will have to take fewer classes to get started.  I also have a CPR class coming up soon. I am so psyched to be doing these things and learning new kinds of stuff.

I am also a little nervous. Good nervous. I just hope I do not mess this up ,like I did some other things. I hope there is a something good and fulfilling in store at the end of this long, uncertain and financially-broke journey.


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