Current Make-up favorites!

Eeek ! My favorite kinda post, a new make-up current favorites one ! I love beauty snooping on youtube and could do that all day long until I hit my enough-is-enough point. All of the gurus I follow do this monthly favorites tag so I figured I would do one. Except I am somewhere in the middle of a month, so I decided to settle for a ‘current favorites’

My Staples!

These are products I use on a daily basis. I have not included my moisturizer though but yes if I could include one more it would be that and right now am using the Cetaphil one.

So as you can see I have just started using liquid foundation everyday and I decided to try the new line by CoverGirl –‘Natureluxe Silk Foundation’ and mine is in ‘Oak’. I have to start off my saying while doing my research on this I came across mixed loving. But with a coupon I just could not pass this.

My verdict – so far so good. It is pretty silky , glides on easily, not complete coverage unless you use a lot which I don’t, and smells niice! I have used my fingers and also a sponge, both work pretty well. I can’t say now if I will like to go back to this product though.

The product in the golden tube is Victoria’s Secret ‘Face and Cheeks Illuminator’ in ‘Sea-shell’.  This is such a wonderful discovery. I love how a little highlighter on your cheek-bones ,nose, brow-bones can make such a difference. I love the way those areas shine when light hits them. This was also a steal for 2 something dollars, got it during the semi-annual sale. =)

I am not very gifted in the eyelashes department. They are short and not full. But the Physician Formula’s ‘Organic Wear’ Mascara truly works best with them. My eye-lashes look fuller and thicker (if not miraculously thick). Some days I just skip everything and put on powder, mascara and blush and it still looks great.

I have been into teasing my hair lately, trying to do everything to create volume and bump-its illusions and the ‘BigSexyHair’ hair-spray is the nicest smelling flexible hold hairspray for now! It smells really nice guys, I think that makes me want to use more of it. I got the travel size just to try out. Ross or TJ Maxx might have the big bottles for cheaper I think.

And with a late grooming-myself-diligently- phase kicking in these days ,I have also been paying special attention to my brows. I have been using Almay’s ‘Bright Eyes’ brow and highlighter pencil stick. I like it. I mean it is not something I did a lot of research on before purchasing. It was on a 75% sale in CVS and I wanted one and so Bam! I got it. But a little bit of that highlighter under the arch of your brows gives your face a whole new lift.

The last two things I have been using a lot lately are Elf’s $1 concealer and VS’s Silver Sparkle eyeliner. The concealer is just good bang for your buck. I would honestly like to try a slightly better coverage concealer even if it is on the higher end. I actually want to try this.

I would love to know what are some of your current favorites/most reached for products too!

Oh and tomorrow July 12th is John and mine’s first ‘Official’ marriage anniversary . And and it is also supposed to be the hottest day here in a long time.


3 thoughts on “Current Make-up favorites!

  1. No No, you really don’t HAVE to use them , but if you feel you have some problem areas, the foundation and concealer just help those a lot! And the highlighter is like a bright shimmery cream or powder that you can apply on your cheek-bones, on the bridge of your nose or under the arch of your brows so that they look defined I guess. Hey! I survived 26 years without these and I think, I think I did just fine 😉

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