I just wish Vincent would let me sip my coffee in peace. I am tired and whiney and just got back from a long class. I need MY time.

Well, today was our second test and I did pretty good. I am happy the hard word paid off. The next test which is in the 1st week of September is going to be a very tough one. I am not fazed by the thought yet. Yet.

Let me stop and tell you how good it feels to come back from a test knowing you aced it. I have not felt this in a long time because the last tests I remember reading for were 4 years back for my Master’s classes and since I was not doing something I really wanted to or understood, I felt miserable after every single exam. That feeling knowing every single person had an idea of what they wanted to do, what they were studying about except you is a very miserable and upsetting feeling.

I feel so much in control now and happy! My part-time job is also great. Touchwood! I love my manager and the group of girls I work with. Plus, the discounts are excellent! It is a different thing I cannot buy much even with these fabulous discounts but I have my peace of mind.

I feel like with every job I have realized something that I am not cut out for and something I am increasingly meant for. Like with the first tech support job, I did not like the continuous talking on the phone with customers versus in person and regimented schedules and all for a very bad pay. The second job, which was my first retail job ever, was a big eye-opener. I enjoyed the face to face interaction a lot but did not like how the company’s policies pitted all the employees against each other. So I felt I was never going to do well in a commission based job because I am just not aggressive enough.

My third job is just perfect for now. This is of course temporary while I am in school. I am glad I decided to go back to school! I think it is helping me feel much better about myself =)

In eventful news, we felt an earthquake today (what is the right way to say this anyway? ) !! Yep, the epicenter was in VA but we felt it pretty good for about 15-20 seconds. I hope everyone’s fine though.

We have been watching a lot of ‘The Office’ from the beginning all over again. I like re-watching old familiar shows instead of trying new stuff sometimes. Or most of the times. It makes me re-connect with old times and comforts me. Watching the old seasons brings back memories of the time when we had just started dating. 🙂

I am starting to see a wee bit of Fall colors. Like little splashes here and there.

I have been missing my mom and dad terribly since yesterday. That one month flew so fast. And knowing even if I have strong urges, absolutely nothing can be done, feels like a sense of doom and helplessness. I cannot explain, but everyone who is living far away or is like me will understand. I know my mom used to tell me to settle in India so that I could be close to them and I would not face this problem ever, but knowing me I know this would have happened even if I were 10 minutes away from them. I think it is all psychological too. I miss being protected by their extreme love and concern sometimes.

You know life in a foreign country is a big deal, I will never come to terms with it.

But for now, some random pictures.

how cute am I?

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