let me fill you in, quick!

Am extremely sleepy. I did manage  a 10 minute nap before the husband woke me up. Which was good on hindsight cause the same thing happened yesterday, I fell asleep way too early on the couch, then went to the bed at 11 and tossed and turned till it was about 3. And as horrible as you think I must have felt in class this morning, I surprisingly did not. I love waking up and going to class. Our hallways are lined with graduation pictures of the Associate Nursing classes of my college ,starting with the 1985 batch. It is so uplifting to see those happy proud faces. They make the girls wear a nursing cap. I always picture myself there. Some day..

Now this upcoming test is a little messed up. It has 10 chapters, 4 of which, as per the cannot-be-wrong syllabus will be covered the day before the exam ! Yes! So basically start studying them yourself , now! I am starting to doubt what all my brain can really do in this 1 week. I mean it is a lot.  Our instructor said the reason behind this is trying to test the entire Anatomy and Physiology section at one go before going back to some chapters we skipped in between.

Might be fine, but it is a lot and there are so many things to remember.! You know what, I secretly love complaining, makes me feel like a student all over again <wink wink>!

Work has been fine! I do wish I get more hours. We, I, need money. It is tough working in one of your favorite stores and not being able to buy anything !

Tonight I made ‘Easy Chicken Rice Casserole’ for dinner. It was meh! John said he liked it but I have my doubts. We both were very hungry so we could have had anything and loved it !

I am attempting to make Biryani this Friday, for the very first time. Am hoping I can wow my husband and myself. I take my cooking very seriously. I hate screwing these things.

Anyway, I am slowly beginning to make some decisions about what nursing specializations  might interest me. But will be keeping that for another post.

Have a good night everyone!

Trivia :

Shingles – Also called ‘Herpes Zoster‘ it is a viral infection caused by the same virus that causes Chicken Pox ,called ‘Varicella Zoster Virus‘. And ,and, even if you have had Chicken Pox, you can still contract Shingles. So, if you are pregnant (especially in your 1st trimester) , you cannot work close to a Shingles patient.

You know the BP numbers? The upper number is the Systole and the lower number is Diastole. Systole is when the heart is contracting and diastole is when the heart is relaxing.



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