I am nervous. About so many things.

About checking our bank accounts and seeing an abysmally low amount. Barely enough.

About being 28 and not settled in a career YET. All my friends are getting promoted, changing jobs for better offers and building foundations for a stress free life for their familes.

As much excited I getthinking how I will first finish this, work, then study hard to get into NS and then work as a nurse, hopefully be satisfied and financially sound and do amazing work and win lots of appreciation, when this moment of uncertainty rolss around it just blows all this away like a powerless ,insignificant entity.

What if my plans fail? What if this is not that awesome a plan after all? What will bail us out then?

Anticipation of the unknown is such a powerful feeling. You know you cannot help it, you know you cannot do much but you cannot stop be scared.

So, Okay,even  if I start taking pre-reqs in Spring 2012, say 3 classes at a time, also work part-time and don’t take a break in summer or fall of next year, I might still be looking at 2 years of just pre-reqs. Who knows how I will fare? Who knows if I will even be admitted to NS?

I am not blaming the system ,just my terrible timing. I might not want to start a family now, but someday sure! I just do not want to be 40 and studying with the same set of clothes from my 20s and without having the chance to enjoy my time now with my family.

I just don’t have an answer now. Am honestly not looking for an answer. I just needed to say what was happening up there.

I am sure all of us have our set of things to deal wit..

What do you do when you are verty stressed out and don’t even know if you are looking for a solution..


2 thoughts on “

  1. aww ‘a friend’ !
    This might not be the thing I should be looking at, but strangely, the mention of the word friend made me happy.

    Texting has prevented some of my ugly moments ..

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