Why are there not enough jobs in the US?

Why are so many people struggling? Like, what can be done?

How can we create new jobs? How can we hire so so many people who are struggling every day to make ends meet for their families. We are talking about people working two jobs too! It is just not enough, the pay!

I want to understand this situation logically.  Are so many people jobless or stuck in low-pay jobs because they are not skilled enough?

If that is the solution then we should encourage more and more people to just keep studying and furthering themselves, right?

And you know all, not everyone is financially fortunate enough to pursue that dream. America is strange. It is the land of freedom they all say. I did too. But now I am increasingly feeling this whole ‘freedom for all’ is a sham. It is only for a certain section, a lucky few.

And then the government is cutting down financial aid and opportunities for those who could use this money to study further, find a job and sustain themselves. So what are we supposed to do then?

And fuck the government. All this emotional crap about  doing it for the ‘American people’ and toying with our sentiments, playing the patriotic card is just a show. Sure it is hard work. But there is a reason why you are there and we are here looking up to you. Please live up to your promise and provide us all with a secure future.


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  1. I feel like America is a place which is great if you are doing well and the worst if you are in trouble. Education, health care and all the basic necessities are really expensive and luxury is easy to afford. It’s a funny place and I guess a great example of what capatilism could do.

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