Did you guys watch the new episode of ‘The Office’ last night?

I kinda liked it ! Sure things will take a while to grow on me. But yesterday’s episode was special and important for many reasons. The first one without Steve Carell and his quirky ‘Michael Gary Scott’. I guess that is the only big reason really.

And then the suspense of finding out who is the new Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin.

John was spot on about his prediction of Andy being made the new manager.

And you know what, I like the idea. I love Ed Helms, he makes Andy such a lovable unsure-about-himself character. Not cocky and assertive like Dwight, not logical and more realistic like Jim. I just have a special liking for guys who fall in between these categories. It will be interesting to see how he carries on the show’s legacy.

There was a lot of booing on the show’s facebook page yesterday ,all because of Andy being the choice.

Give him a chance guys! Ed is a very smart actor, and Andy is not your everyday character. He will definitely infuse his charm to this role.

And like Andy told the camera crew , he might not be the first choice for manager but  ‘He was the first choice’s first choice .”

haha! That and his unsure grin settle it for me.

Looking forward to a new season of my favorite shows <happy face>


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