Small Talk!

I seriously hate it when I want to be clever and smart finding an appropriate title for my blogs and cannot find any. I feel like I am not funny and clever enough.

But this has not got much to do with small talk. I just wanted to talk about some products I have been trying and using lately.

Last Sunday there was a coupon in the paper for $8 off two CoverGirl face products. I read about some readers getting their stuff from Walmart since Walmart has lower prices sometimes. I got two blushes for ,guess how much, $0.76 cents !! Complete win I say !

Top -Refined Rose ,bottom - Natural Shimmer

And last Sunday Big Lots had their 20% off entire purchase sale. And if you know Big Lots ,you know how generally cheap and affordable they are to begin with. I did not have to go there but I did because I had a slightly better pay-check last week.  I got us a harvest decorative little guy. They were running a special on harvest and Fall decorative items. I really like decorating as per the season these days. We have decided to get these things and have separate storage containers and label them for the season or holiday they belong to. Of course that will take some time.

I had been hearing a lot about Wet and Wild eye-shadow trios and quads and had been wanting to try one. They normally retail for 3 something in drugstores and Ulta but in Big Lots they were even cheaper  at $2.80. So, I just had to. This is what I got

'Cool as Cucumber '

and this is how it looks like (with flash)

I even tried it on today and although this is not the picture I would like to show or which even shows the look, this is what I have now and it has got to do!

Oh and while you are here look at little Vincent.

He loves sleeping on the window ledge (what is it called again?). He looks outside and when a bird flies by he moves his head curiously. He is so charming and cute, except when he is not trying to break our blinds or jump to places a little kitty should not.

I also had a gift card to BBW and so got a couple of things from there.

This body lotion. I got it thinking the raspberry and vanilla combination would feel good. I do not think I am too much in love with this. But it will most certainly pass.They were having a 3 for $5 mini-candle deal, so I got two ‘Leaves‘ and a ‘Candied Sugar Plum‘.

They had just launched their new fragrance ‘Charmed Life‘ and the mini was just a $1.

I would like to try a lot of BBW lotions, just cause. But I know I really,really liked their ‘Carried Away‘ which was launched earlier this year. Which are your favorite BBW fragrances btw?

I have been scoring a lot of free stuff  lately.Yep! Just blindly ‘liking’ products on fb and having the roving eye for deals and steals has definitely been working. I am expecting Target’s second bag of beauty samples soon.

I also won a NYX give-away by Nurse Nacole. She is a nurse whose blogs/vlogs I follow and she is just very awesome to follow!

In non-haul and product news, my classes came to an end yesterday. We got our ‘graduation‘ certificates. Just 3 of us survived the class. It felt good.

I am proud of myself and am going to savour it for a while atleast !


2 thoughts on “Small Talk!

  1. BTW.. I love twilight woods. You shld try that too. Along with Japanese Cherry Blossom!! 🙂
    Looking pretty with the new make up!!! Well done on the course!! Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Hey Snita, thanks for taking the time to read 🙂
    I will definitely check out Twilight woods when I go next. I do like Japanese Cherry Blossom !
    Did you know that this weekend you can get a small bottle of their new fragrance ‘be enchanted’ free if you present them a coupon? Let me know if you want that coupon!
    Thank you and I hope this new career will be something I can actually enjoy 🙂

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