Not the best start to my day.

Just found out from a friend’s facebook page about this guy’s passing. I did not know him well but I am trying to recollect little vague images of him from quite some while back. He was a year younger than me in my undergrad college back home and now that I have seen his picture I realize he was unique because he was one of the twins and I think our college only had one set of twins in that time frame.

He is just too young to die right. It is deaths like this that make me want to withdraw from life. I mean what is the point. Here we are planning minor details of insignificant events, trying to invest in school, career, in our families and just out of the blue , you are gone.

Just like that.

I hope his family finds the strength to deal with this untimely tragedy and not question their faith in life ,despite the over-powering urge to do.


2 thoughts on “

  1. I know, right? We stress out over the smallest things oblivious to the fact that anything can happen. I hate it when I hear of someone so young leaving the world. Makes me sick in the stomach.

  2. Exactly. Makes me sick and worried and paranoid.
    I feel like there is no concept of any rhyme or reason and that worries me.

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