One less dictator in the world today ! Good riddance.

Okay Gadhafi never personally affected me but for the sake of the Libyan people and for the sake of humanity, good riddance! There.

It is gorgeous outside today. The temperature is in the 60s ,it is a little windy and all the trees look beautiful. It really made me want to skip. Like a little girl.

We might,might go to the State fair today. And the thrifty girl that I am, I did some research on prices and found out that on Thursdays if you take a few canned food you can get free admission to the fair. Of course you have to spend inside if you choose to eat the very country, very Carolina fried food. But that is $16 less already!

I am still thinking about my Halloween costume for next saturday’s party. I always always start late and then never qite achieve that level of awesomeness. And this year might not be any different. Someone suggested me try ‘Pocahontas‘. Which I like, it will be a different kinda India. Feather not dot. Let’s see.

Last weekend John was generous enough to take me shopping for some new Fall clothes. It was long overdue guys. I have a really pathetic and small closet. It has been crying for attention for a while now. The best part about going to Loft is now that I work there I get an awesome employee discount. On top of that I had some awards and major employee coupons. Check this out, since our store did spectacularly well in the month of July, we all got two reward coupons which were 40% additional on top of our 50% employee discount. That is a lot!

So I bought a dress, a sweater, two new shirts, a necklace, a belt and two shirts which were marked-down for only $150. Yep! I saved more than I spent on. I saved around $250.

I wanted to do like a little photo-shoot and show off my haul. Just cause I was happy. And good clothes make this girl happy.

I wore this white shirt and my new necklace yesterday to work and a lot of customers asked me about this necklace and wanted to buy it. Some did. That is good for the store right?

Tomorrow night we have been invited to dinner by one of my Indian couple friends. I have to stop here and tell you it feels good to have a good and small group of girlfriends in a different country. Or in general. I never had that and now it just feels like I have found my groove.

Last weekend, I had plans every single night with different friends. It was too bad that I felt sick and could not go anywhere, so had a friend come over instead. But it felt good you know 🙂

Now before I start the glorious process of cleaning dishes and the home in general while listening to my playlist on Spotify (which by the way is a crazy good thing!), I have to tackle this highly uncomfortable matter of discussing my medical bill with my physician’s office.

Oh the Joys !


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