Okay that’s it!

I am going to make a very very conscious effort to better myself, my life.

( yes, this post comes after yet another day of partying, drinking and forgetting we are a bunch of 28 year olds!)

I am going to learn more about the things I deal with everyday. Like for example, I work at a clothing store and I should know when a customer asks me if we have ‘this suede cable knit sweater ‘ or this ‘Henley shirt with shiny buttons’. I gotta be honest, I was very dumb on this scale. You know the scale of women knowing what they wear, how they should layer it, the terms ,the nuances and all that! I have become slightly better because I am a very curios person and I enjoy finding out new things.

So I googled and found out what a cable knit is. They are sorta the flavour right now. Atleast according to a bunch of clothing websites I have seen.  I do not have one yet! But the good thing is, we had yet another kick-ass month at work and from what I over-heard we might be getting yet another award (the one where you get 40% additional on top of the employee 50%!), so I need to start deciding which ones I want to buy.

And I know this guy  is not the most suave and polished of chefs, but to me he is a very clear-hearted and simple person. No hidden complications. I enjoy watching his videos, some of them are hilarious. I have decided I am going to take up making atleast 2 recipes a week and track my progress. For my satisfaction entirely.

I want to be passionate about a few things ! I love cooking and when money permits I want to experiment and buy lots of fresh produce and cook more.

Leaving you guys with our Halloween moment. Can anyone guess what we were?



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  1. do you ever shop at the ‘Loft’? I know I know am a little biased towards it but do you have any good suggestions for me, shopping wise?
    Also, feel better soon girl !

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