Deja vu.

Three of my good friends are pregnant. Ready to pop. Well two of them ,the third is having some problems with her ultrasound and I sincerely hope everything goes well with her. Knowing they have waited it out patiently and want this more than anything at this point of time makes me very happy for them. Make no mistakes.

But it also makes me have weird urges. Exactly how I felt when a couple of years ago all my sister-in-laws were pregnant and having their children. And I also love my nephews and that phase but it made me feel terribly left out. Even though I was not married for two pregnancies and had just married for the third. Well, I might be getting the time-lines confused but the point is I was nowhere close. But I still felt left-out. You know how if everyone you know is doing something ,you kinda wish you were too! That sorta left-out.

Yesterday at work I had this sudden weird desire to change everything, my beliefs and my planning to become a SAHM and have a baby. I know,crazy ! This friend of our’s who has suddenly transformed her life after having her baby was kind  of in the back of my mind somehow. She makes baby diapers, wipes,has her own Etsy shop now and I really admire her. Not that this is how every mom should be. Seriously, I am not at all implying she is the most genuine mother ever. But I admire resourceful people and she is doing her bit ,something that makes her happy.

I would perhaps want to be one too one day, a SAHM that is. But I feel like my family expects so much more out of me,specially now that I am investing in a new career all over again. And not that being one is less work (not at all you SAHMs) ,but I know I will always be made to feel like I could have done more.

Anyway, I do not want to make any moms out there feel their job is any less rewarding, cause I do not. I probably will work but I have also left open a small door open now. A door of thought which I had never even considered before.

Moving on. I made this yesterday. I have been loving zucchinis lately. Just makes me feel a tad better about having a no-physical exercise and regimented life-style. But I did not like this a whole lot.

I did not have Shake n Bake, just used your normal bread-crumbs. I am glad I tried it out though. Have I said that I love cooking these days! Okay here are some of my pictures.

Cut your zucchinis into thin slivers
break an egg (or two),mix in parmesan cheese and dip your zucchinis in it
put some bread-crumbs in a zip-lock bag,toss in the zucchinis and shake it around till they all get coated
and tada! this is what these babies looked like after baking in the oven at 450F for 15 minutes

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