I had a scratchy throat this morning. As soon as I was up. A literal bad start to the day ,eh!

But yesterday I had a packed day. I woke up early  early to register for classes, then took our car to a car shop for some maintenance work , then to the store for groceries and finally to the doctors for a visit.

I was feeling supremely powerful and super-girl like yesterday. More because of the car shop stop. I had never pictured myself taking a car to a car shop somehow. Excuse my fledgling imagination, but this sorta thing was just always outside the range of ‘my’ things.

But you know how you are driving down a road and you spot those shady looking buildings ,rusty exteriors, suspicious people with suspicious behaviour and all that. And you are thinking to yourself  “I am NEVER going in there !” You know?

This car shop was the EXACT picture of the above situation. It is located at the corner of a business area. Looks almost like a dilapidated and abandoned building. But you see a few men moving about. Excuse me for stereotyping but I was going for the word ‘redneck’. Or very very Southern. Very. So I go in and get freaked out on finding bugs on the handle. Then inside as well. On the glass windows. The floor is all sorts of destroyed. There is a really tough-looking woman in her 40s sitting at the front desk. And there are a bunch of posters on the wall explaining the internal mechanism of a car. Also, on the tv – “The View’   with the ladies dissecting how much truth there is in the woman’s allegation that the Bieber impregnated her!!

Seems too made-up? Well, no, this is exactly what it was.

check out those bugs on the glass pane
the swanky floors

Had to stop to admire the beauty before heading in the Doctors for a pin-prick

But the boys seemed experts at what they did. Found out what was wrong, then worked on it like a maniac with immense concentration ,smoking away cigarettes.

I have to say, I am not just checking off going-to-car-shop-by-myself day =)


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