Am off today. Hanging out at home with the pets and nursing a slight anger towards people who really do not matter a lot but are managing to affect me anyway and have no car to go anywhere. So, have decided to make this a girly afternoon playing with my make-up and writing a few reviews!

I have started using this new concealer by Rimmel  called the ‘Match-Perfection Concealer & Highlighter‘.

It has been about 2 weeks now. If you guys remember I last purchased  this and was not happy. I have not had the best of luck with concealers actually! Ever!

I have some under-eye darkness. It might look scary but I decided to post a before and after-concealer picture.

Booo! Before picture


So it does make a difference. I am a little scared of using too much concealer and ending up looking like a racoon. I normally apply concealer first (after moistuerier) ,then foundation and then just a dab more to brighten the under-eye area.

Now I definitely do not see the highlighter part of this product. It might conceal but it does not highlight in my opinion. For $5.99 I think it is a good product to purchase and experiment with. But then again I only saw two shades – ‘Light/Medium’ and  ‘Fair/Medium’. Luckily the ‘Light/Medium works on my skin-tone but I just do not appreciate brands coming out with such a measly color selection. What about us colored women?

My Verdict : I do not yet know if I will go back to it in the future but this definitely is the first good concealer in my budget that I have come across !

The next product is a make-up remover wipe. I got a sample of Pond’s wipes in the second Target beauty bag but have not used it yet. I kinda am a borderline product hoarder in some ways ! But I am right now using the CVS brand of make-up wipes ,which they claim are comparable to Pond’s ‘Clean Sweep’. I have not used the latter so I will just have to say what mattered to me. I am not sure how much I paid for this but am sure it was under $5 !

I was last using these. And Yes, I got attracted by the packaging, the convenient pricing and the brand-name but they really did not deliver. You know how these wipes are a little wet to the touch, these just felt a tad dry. Not dry dry just not moist enough. They cleaned off the muck fine but I felt like it was not very smooth. If you know what I mean.

The CVS wipes on the other hand could feel a little too moist, well atleast to me. I some times feel they could be easily dripping hehe! But when it comes to the job, these babies perform a good job. They take off all my make-up, the grime off my face and have a gentle,gentle scent.  I am not a lover of no-scent products. I like a gentle scent. I do feel my skin feels wet after cleaning cause of the over-moistness but it dries away quickly. And I feel I can deal with this better than a wipe which is more on the drier side.

But hey that’s just me!

I might want to try other make-up remover wipes out there in the market but I will definitely reach out for these if needed.


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  1. I have a new drugstore concealer I am using that I like so far. It’s been less than a week I’ve used it thought so my opinion could change. I’m going to write a mini-review on it but I’ll go ahead and tell you. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer. I use my Benefit Erase Paste and then the Maybelline concealer in Illuminate on top and it really brightens me up. I saw they have 4 concealer colors and an Illuminate and Neutralize. You may try that?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Andrea! I have heard of it a lot, am glad it is working out for you 🙂 I will definitely give this a try the next time I go drugstore concealer shopping. Have you ever tried wearing it without Benefit’s erase paste?

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