Today I did something different ! Exciting different for a person like me.

You might want to dial down your expectations cause I am really talking about a hair-do ! yep!

So I am a person who has worn her hair the same boring ways most of her life. Either straight or tied into a pony. Lately, I have atleast been trying new things – straightening or the use of bobby pins Yawn! . I tell you I am very blah when it comes to hair.

But today I decided to put all this vast amount of hair into a top bun. It was my first time, there are some fly-aways and baby hair but I think it held up pretty darn well. Did not budge all through work. I was very impressed and proud.

This is huge in Anwesha’s world. Also, I was wearing one of my new shirts and trousers from Loft ,which by the way are AWESOME!

So just decided to post some OFTD pictures ! <vain much!>


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