It is not exactly resolution time yet but we are so close to finishing off one more year of our lives.

Does it not feel like day in and day out we  just wake up, eat, get ready for work, drive our cars, interact with people, fight, argue some days, and some days just feel our mighty best, drive our cars back home again, come home to our families or to room-mates and our cats and our dogs, have dinner and then go to bed? All of the same routine repeated EVERY single day and all of this makes up a year? A year!! This is really fascinating to me when we dissect a year to its most basic form.

But I always, always make resolutions on the last day of the year. Or the first day of the newest. Have been doing so diligently since I was of an impressionable age. I cannot straight up say I have never completed anything I promised  because  most of the things I wanted to achieve have been things like – growing wiser, growing clever, becoming saner. And really, do we not all achieve this every single day? Even if it is not measurable, we still learn something new about ourselves everyday.

Last year, besides making the similar demands of myself , I also wanted some other achievements like learning new recipes, being more of the home-cleaning lady (I refrain from using the term ‘domesticated’ now!).

And I think this year I feel sorta satisfied.

<what!! I actually gave credit to myself for once out loud 😉 >

I dove into cooking like never before. I wish I just posted more pictures of my culinary achievements. And  the happy part is I enjoyed it all.

I definitely enjoyed moving my lazy butt off the couch and actually doing some work around the house. And it was fun learning neat little tricks of keeping a home clean.

I feel, I feel like I have become a little polished with my make-up situation. I felt like I learnt a little more and applied it. I was going through some of our old pictures and I came upon one where I was wearing this glittery monstrous make-up with no clear attention to the fall out all over me. What was I thinking?

But then again, I always look back at those pictures fondly because I love that being naive was a big part of me all along. It still is. I do not want to ever fully know. What is the point of these yearly resolutions if you found out at the end of one year, you have just mastered everything there was to know? Boring much!

And otherwise too, I feel like I put up a decent show this year.

So I worked my first retail job! Call me crazy but I had always wanted to work amidst clothes and shoes and pretty jwelery and I found that this year ! It is definitely fun and beautiful and interesting to note how this industry works.

I feel more and more comfortable  okay interacting with people, again thanks to my retail job. I think comfortable was too comfortable a word, and I am not comfortable in that sense.


I have my Vincent! My little Vinny. My little kitten. Became a ‘crazy cat lady’ this year =)

Took steps towards a new career. The important thing is the first uncertainty-fraught step. And it has been taken.

And into my second year of marriage, I have become a little more relaxed about the whole institution. I am not standing here on a pedestal people and claiming I am a know-it-all. Just comparing myself from the year before and saying I might have just learnt a few things about marriage and husbands and the whole men-women dynamics being involved in one a year longer -is all.

And coming to the delicate subject of ‘me’ as a person – I think I need to reserve this for later. I owe myself more words you know! I owe myself so much more ..


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