a long post from a sick person

I do not know what it is but I have a terrible cough and sore throat situation going on here. I think it started last weekend and just grew worse.

Thankfully I was off today and I could stay in the comforts of my own home, not have to change out of my jammies and not have to wear a bra all day long and just allowed to look sorry. Thankfully. I do not know if this has made me feel any better but when I went down for an afternoon nap I kinda felt worse. That little thing hanging down my throat is all sorts of elongated and hurting. I have had ginger tea, coffee and some rice and also some fruits. The husband is bringing me some medicines too. He is a true believer in medicines.

I kind of feel bad that I will not be able to meet some girls from work for drinks later tonight. I do not feel bad about missing drinks, just that I have had to cancel the last two times all cause of not feeling well.  I just feel like I will stop getting invited cause I am a party pooper. Well you know, there is still that girl inside me who is scared of not having any girl-friends. And I think I might have spoken too soon in one of my earlier posts. I still think I do not have a whole lot of girlfriends. And I try to think why. I just do not know how to carry on a girl/woman-ly conversation. I do not know what to say when someone asks me ‘Hey, do you think this pant looks good on me?” other than a yes or a no. Another girl would probably effortlessly reply with ‘Hey, you know what you should do, wear this and this’ and then use some unintelligible woman-talk jargon .

That’s it. I am conversationally stunted.

I just need to do myself one more huge favor this year and stop convincing myself that I will someday have a thriving bustling girlfriend life. May be in some other parallel life and space/time continuum.

And instead just accept that this will always be my situation and I will always be a guys girl. I am a great guys girl btw =)

Anyway, I am very worried about my classes and financial aid these days. My aid is not sorted yet but the due date to pay for these classes is in 2 days! Now I do not know how in the world this will ever work out. If only the financial aid lady had been nice enough to explain things more clearly to me a month back.If only. If I have to drop classes again and wait for another semester , I will seriously be bitter.

I just wanted to post a picture to show how stark and gloomy it is outside these days. It was just 3:30 in the evening and the trees were all standing still. It is just eerie this time of the year here.

Always reminds me of those days from 3 years back – my last semester at school, not one person to talk to even though I lived with 5 other girls and yes there was some heart-break and lots of guilt floating around. Makes me just feel thankful about returning home to my husband and my cat and dog that much more.


One thought on “a long post from a sick person

  1. You are the only other person I have known to say that about girl friends. The first one was me :p
    No but really I get nervous around a group of girls and don’t know what to talk. The only ones that I am good with are my really old friends who are once again a lot less girly girls. And the new friends I make are the same!

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