Two years back when I was at home with my parents, my mom had once walked in with 4 little birds and surprised me with my first ever pets.

There was a yellow, a blue and two green love-birds.

I was totally smitten by them from the very first time. I loved them. I would keep the cage in my room at night and then in the mornings when they chirped a lot, grow annoyed and keep the cage outside my room, only to bring them back in soon after. I had grown so used to their presence. They meant a lot to me. They helped calm me may many nights and would always take my mind off the more depressing and worrying things.

Then when I left home, I was very sad. I looked at the little birdies thinking this might be the last time I am seeing them all playing about in the cage. The inevitability of their short life was just too real to confront.

Two of them have since then passed on. My dad and mom never had the heart to tell me when they died and would always take days to finally break it to me. I found out about one of the green birds passing just now.

And as sad as I have been again lately, this does not sit well with me. I had to write something for my two bird friends and let them know they lived a short but happy and protected life. They were much loved by me and my parents and were such a joy to have around.

Thank you little birdies and may your souls rest in peace.

Your friend who always wanted to hold you, poke you and be friends with you..


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