It is very dark and dreary outside today. Thunderstorms might be coming our way soon too.Which I like but they also bring with them some aching.



I am feeling very home-sick, missing my parents a lot.

Did not have the best news yesterday and this morning.

My sister-in-law’s dog of almost 10-12 years Ryson had to be put down yesterday. I feel very sad for her. She is a very emotional person like me and that dog was very precious to her. And he was a good affectionate dog too. May he rest in peace.

And got the news of my friend’s grandmother passing away after a prolonged illness this morning. Although I don’t know her personally, I know my friend was very attached to her and she was feeling awful about not being able to go visit her in her time of need.

We all living in different countries ,far far from home, always have this fear at the back of our minds for our loved ones. Not being able to be there for them and not being able to see them often.

And even though we took this decision to come here, we cannot always be blamed. Family is family because they understand our need to sometimes move away ,only physically.

I hope she and her family find the strength to deal with this.

And on thursday my mom-in-law goes in for her surgery. I have asked my husband to go down to be with her despite her insisting that they will be fine. You know they are always there for us and it would be so comforting for both them and us to be there for them. I would love to go but I am working and I don’t think anyone is willing to swap shifts now. I just hope everything goes well with her. That’s all.

That makes me want to say am very thankful for my parents being healthy, financially stable and for our closeness.

I am very thankful for having John in my life. He is just the sweetest and gentlest person, very malice-free and guileless, sorta like me and better.

For my husband’s side of the family, all the sister and brother-in-laws and the nieces and nephews.

And for my Vincent and Otto, our two precious little babies. May they be healthy and always comforted and loved.

Seriously Amen.


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