Brand spanking new hair !

I finally did what should have been done long back ! Getting a hair-cut.

I last went to get my hair done in March(yep!) and my hair had grown very long and unruly. And even though a lot of people say they love my hair and wished they had the same kind, I am not a fan of my hair. The waviness and the baby hair specially!

And you know that feeling how you always picture a certain cut and get all excited before the salon trip  but the results do not quite match that image you had in mind? Well, that has always been me! I have never had ‘the’ hair0cut.

But I gotta say, today might have changed things. I love my shorter,sassier do. It has a little pouf on the crown and I like how my bangs can be tucked.

I did not take a lot of pictures, so you might not be able to see, but cannot stop me from showing off my new hair-do!


5 thoughts on “Brand spanking new hair !

  1. Thanks girls 🙂 I am in love with this hair do!
    And John, like I told you, you can still have the best hair cut of 2011 by getting a better one than mine. (Please just go ,will you!)

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