Just as I was about to write a new post, I saw the new WordPress prompts about starting new topics incase you had difficulty starting a new blog. One of them was “Does silence inconvenience you?”. Not that I want to write about this now but no, it does not. I love silence  but silence with the wrong person makes me very awkward.

So, our Christmas tree was finally up this past weekend. And the cat has proved that it is going to be a challenge. He tries to knock down the ornaments (read balls) ,eat the leaves and mess with the lights. I am tired of running after that tiny jerk so now I just scoop him up and lock him in his room for a while. But the moment you let him out, he runs straight for the tree again. Wonderful!

Work is good but has become crazy lately. All the holiday shoppers and holiday hormones are a little too much to deal with. I gift-wrapped my husband’s present yesterday so that is good. I got to hang out with my friend Ayo yesterday after forever and it was great catching up.

I seem to have done a lot since my last post but for some reason I am not able to break it down here. Am going to leave you with some pictures and hope everyone is off to a good start this chilly Monday morning.

The stark reality
Daal Makhni I made a week back. My personal best !



Okay before I become any more random, am going to step away for now. Have a good one!




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