Before I forget , I wanted to say something about this movie I watched not so long ago.

The movie I am talking about is ‘A Little Help’ starring Jenna Fischer in the lead role. It is directed by Michael J Weithorn.

This is such a lovely ,delicate gem of a movie. I wish these small-budget , lack of big stars  movies did not just sink into oblivion so fast but I am also sure people who care and who matter definitely manage to come across these low-key brilliant treasures and make them reach out more.

This movie is several months old by now but I am still going to try to review it without giving away any spoilers.

This movie follows the life of a young woman who has suddenly lost her husband and apart from having to deal with that has to also deal with a over-bearing and intrusive  family and a son who decides to make up stories about his father in an effort to win over friends.And of course there is that cold-hearted world that expects her to just handle everything without giving her a chance.

Jenna Fischer is such a beautiful and sensitive actress. She lends Laura that strength, vulnerability and grace effortlessly. She makes you feel for Laura and makes you want to snap back at the world for not cutting her some slack, at her sister and mother for being so cold and insensitive about ‘moving on’ post widowhood.  And even though her son fabricates a false story to tell his class-mates at his new school to help win them over, you still understand and sympathize with the young child’s ‘need’ to be the ‘popular’ kid thought process.

Amidst all this chaos that is forced upon her life abruptly, there are some tender moments between her and her brother-in-law who is the only person who understands her.

I am not able to do a very good job of forming my sentences now and I hate doing a half-hearted attempt so I am going to conclude saying please go watch this movie. It is a very tender and delicate movie and mostly because there is a Laura in everyone of us.


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