The St.Louis Diary

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their families and loved ones.

We had our share of Christmas love all the way in St.Louis with family. I mean the whole family – in-laws, grandma and gramps-in-law, all the sister and brother-in-laws and their beautiful children.

Since there are so many experiences to write about and not much time on my part , I am going to squeeze them all into one giant blog.

So we started on our grand 13 hour road-trip to Missouri early Wednesday morning last week. We chose to drive through the mountains this time instead of the other way as last time. We drove through through my beautiful state, the mountains in Ashville and Boone. Even though we were pounded by some heavy rains , nothing could beat my spirit. I was way too excited for 6:30 in the morning. We passed through Tenesse, Kentucky, a bit of Indiana and Illinois and finally reached St.Louis. And I was more impressed by how huge the city is this time around. I was in awe of  all the downtown lights and buildings. We stayed with John’s elder brother ,wife and their two children. We always have a great time with them, they are my closest points of reference to my association with John, America and life here. I had a lot of fun with their little boy who says the cutest of things. Not only does he say cute things, I like his intonation more. You have to hear him. We had some White Castle and ‘chia’ seeds (which my brother-in-law swears by these days, kindly google it if it catches your fancy!).

We had lots of quality family time. I really enjoyed spending time with my eldest sister-in-law’s little one too. He is way more receptive to people now and talks a lot. I felt like I could bond with him better. We also went to Grandma and Gramp’s house for dinner one night and opened presents afterwards.

I was a little nervous of how I would do with so many people around, but I did feel quite at home and realized it is family. The absence of my parents cannot be compensated  but that made me feel all the more blessed to be  a part of big family.

I unfortunately did not take a whole bunch of pictures, really don’t know why.

We got some pretty cool gifts too from everyone. I got a ton of make-up. Like a ton. I am planning to do a review blog soon. Am very tickled about it.

We had a good Christmas dinner too. Turkey, stuffing, seven layer salad,mac and cheese and cheesy potatoes Au Gratin.

We had to leave for home the very next day and the thought of the long,long drive back home was not as inviting. But after 12 hours on the road,which my husband did a splendid job of, we finally got home around 9. The best part was seeing Vincent. I had missed that little guy so much. A big thank you to Olga and Julie who generously stopped by to check on him 🙂

He definitely seemed to miss us too, I know it. I gave him his Christmas present , a play-center for cats. He seems to like it.

We are back to our everyday grind now. But after a wonderful time spent outside home, we are finding being at home very relaxing. Home is after all home, right? We have decided to do a stay-at-home kinda night for the 31st too. Good on our pockets and good for us all. I am planning to make some Indian food that night – Butter chicken, jeera rice, store bought naans, may be a vegetable dish and raita. Also, cheap champagne 🙂

Sounds like a plan to me!

And now some pictures from our trip.

My beautiful state !
the zoom did not work right, but you can see the mountains in the background

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