Like I said in my last blog, I got a ton of make-up. I actually sat down and organized and had to decide between things I wanted/needed versus things I was simply hanging on to for nothing really. I feel now I have a much better idea of products that work for me and I have limited the things I use every single day in my make-up bag.

But let me jump right into the ELF make-up bag I got from my sister-in-law Angela.

( For those of you who are new to ELF ,it is eyes lips face and this is their website. Most of their products are a $1. Their mineral and studio line products are $3-$5 tops! )

This is the cute little make-up bag it came in. This is the big sister of the free Target beauty bag.


There were 3 brushes. I already have the eye-shadow brush which is really good for a $1 !! . I did need a new face brush and am looking forward to trying the angled crease brush very much.

A new liquid eye-liner in black, yay! I had been using the Revlon liquid liner for a long time and that little thing is sheer magic. I am yet to see if this is going to leave a mark. Literally,paha!

Kinda looks like the Revlon Colorstay liquid liner too

And a bunch of other eye-products -a primer, a pencil liner and a mascara. And I have not tried the mascara but the packaging seems a little excess considering the actual container is small. And, and I absolutely hate it when the wand pulls out excess product. That is why I love my Physician’s Formula’s Organic Wear Mascara a lot.

There was a eye-shadow quad in ‘Butternut’. I like working with neutrals, they are my comfort zone,so let’s see how it works.


And look at this, while I was busy trying to click pictures, my little cat was even busier trying to disrupt the set-up through the slit, look at his little paw.

a cat-sized monster

I did try the ELF make-up remover wipes and they work well. A little on the wet side again but they do the job well. Also, I like this kind of packaging. Very sleek.

The one thing I did try is a lipstick ‘Voodo’ and this is how the swatch looks like. I am starting to like darker lipsticks a lot but I do feel intimidated sometimes. About this lipstick, I like its staying power, it smells good and it glides on smoothly.

I could not capture it very well. This will have to do.

Okay, well I do need to review them more and then let you all know if they are worth buying. I have a lot more make-up and general beauty/hair-care products blogs in the pipeline.


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