New Year’s Eve Indian dinner night

Happy New Year ya’ll !!!!!

What is everyone doing today?

I woke up at my own sweet time to a clean kitchen, warm good breakfast and some coffee by John, the cat shoving is butt up against my face and the dog of course laying on the bed with his fur strewn all over.

Just another day at home 🙂

I had planned this elaborate Indian dinner for our stay at home new year’s eve night. Butter Chicken, raita, garlic corn and store bought parathas. We initially thought we would get naans but it was nicely compensated by parathas. Also dropped the jeera rice idea.

I did a splendid job, I worked so hard at it and everything looked exactly as I had hoped. Exactly. I even used our new corningware dishes that Grandma gave us to make it look fancy and serious business.

I used this as a guide for the butter chicken. And  used chicken thighs. I have just stopped using breasts atleast in my recipes. And man, was it delicious or what!

a very butter chicken (but psst..no butter was involved !)

I wanted to make a baby corn Indian recipe but finding baby corn was like trying to find a needle in a haystack ,really. So I used a frozen packet of sweet corn instead and stuck to the same recipe. This is garlic corn and here is my inspiration.

This was such an unexpectedly good recipe

I made raita, which is a yogurt based chutney with shredded cucumber, some carrots, onions, green chilies, ginger root and coriander leaves. John is not a big fan of this but I love yogurt so much.

After a really really good early dinner, we watched the Dick Clark’s New Years show, had some drinks and enjoyed just hanging out at home with the cat and the dog.

It was relaxing and actually very good to just stay in. Hope everyone is starting a brand new year on a positive note.

the entire spread
taking a break from cooking for pictures! That skirt was from plato's closet for $4!
you cannot not have a picture of me and the cat, right?;)

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