2011 favorites – beauty/hair/skin

Not going to waste time, this is my version of the first (hopefully in a series )  yearly favorites of products, so let us dive right in.

2011 product favorites

These are my most used and loved products of the past year. I had a great year settling in and getting comfortable with more and more products that worked great for me. Not all of them are necessarily new products, I just happened to discover them.

I had already written a small post about my new favorite mascara ‘Physician’s Formula Organic-wear’ and foundation ‘CoverGirl’s Naturluxe Silk Foundation’.

Macadamia hair oil

This is a great little inexpensive find for my hair. My hair is generally of good healthy quality except that I had to deal with fly-aways and frizz a lot. That drove me crazy.  I use a pea-sized amount of this oil right after I blow-dry or straighten my hair and this keeps my hair wonderfully tamed.

I have only started using the Garnier Blow-dry Perfector balm (the green tube in the main picture) recently. Use a little amount on my hair-tips on clean,wet hair. Then I do my blow-drying and straightening and my hair does great. Under $4 and will last forever!

That bronzer you see in the picture without the cover was passed on to me by my sister-in-law. It is a Milani bronzer. I use a large face brush and use it all over my face and I can definitely see some shine and boost to my face. Really good stuff!

Left to right - Maybelline Color Sensational in 'Party Pink', CoverGirl Lip-Perfection in 'Darling', Revlon Lip-Butter in 'Pink Truffle'

My three favorite lipsticks of last year and this is a picture of their swatches.

Left to right - Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl (sorry, reversed the orders hehe!)

I really love the new covergirl lip-perfection lipsticks, they are smooth, long-lasting and come in lovely shades. And I am absolutely in love with my new Revlon lip-butter lipstick in ‘Pink Truffle’. It has a balm-like buttery feel, true to its name , and deserves all the hype it has received as one of the best new products of 2011.

Wet n Wild gel-eyeliner in black

This is my first gel-liner. I cannot tell you how patiently I have waited to try it and at $3.99 it is a steal. A steal! This is my little power-house of a performer. Creamy formula and lasts forever.

Milani blush 'Mai Tai'

One of my new favorite blushes. The youtube beauty vlogger Emily always talks about this being one of her favorite blushes and it looks exactly like its picture on your cheeks. Just a little swirl and you can see color pop onto your face.

'caffeine rush'

This is one of my new favorite eye products – Maybelline color explosion shadow quads. This one is in ‘Caffeine Rush’. So highly pigmented  and beautiful. I do not have the balls to try out the extremely luminizing shade under my brow bone, but they make for a beautiful little palette.

One of the last things I have to talk about is the Suave dry shampoo. (the silver bottle in the main picture above). I got this cause I had a coupon for a free Suave product and since I was not impressed at all with the Tresemme one I decided why not. First of all, the Suave dry shampoo smells very citrusy and fresh, like you would want hair to smell like on day 2 or 3 after a hair-wash. It instantly lifts and volumizes ,I can see the difference!! Use it as instructed and this will not fail you.

I enjoyed reading/watching everyone’s 2011 favorites compilation. There are going to be so many new product launches  this year  ,going to the drugstore will be as tricky and inviting as ever.


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