Hedgehog (I suck at blog titles and will just say whatever)

I have been playing truant on my blog lately. I come visit it everyday and check my fellow bloggers’ stories and adventures but do not feel like saying things myself every single day.

I might have some brilliant news to share soon. I am very happy and excited about it but do not want to jump the gun quite yet.

We took down our Christmas tree and decorations on Saturday. I went up to our dark and cold attic for the very first time since we moved in a year back to put stuff back. I was very nervous and kept imagining someone/something to grab onto my leg as I went down. We went to watch the football game at our friend’s place and even though I do not get or like this sport, I thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 minutes of the Saints and 49ers (is that how it is written). Well , anyway, it was pretty exciting. I also saw Tebow for the first time after reading a lot about him but never got to see him ‘Tebowing’.

Sunday I stayed at home for the most and worked on assignments. Did run up to the pet store to get litter and cat food. But I wanted to finish my assignment so that I could watch the Golden Globes in peace. I love, love the award shows – the Red Carpet, the fashion, the celebs and just feel so proud when a actor who deserves an award walks up and delivers that powerful speech. Just very tingly.

I dislike Indian award shows .Not the performances and celeb-watching, just the actual award giving part. First of all, I feel it is very rigged and you have to cater to the wants of a superstar rather than a good performer and secondly if one superstar does not get the award he ‘wants’ at one award show, he definitely seems to get one at another bogus show. It is like they create award shows so that every needy/greedy actor gets atleast one award. I know my Indian shows, do not try to say otherwise. No wonder Aamir Khan does not attend any of these shams. Good for you Aamir !

But I love my Indian celebs and the gossips. Am but a normal little being.

I went to Target yesterday and they have such cute new dresses and shirts now. Must save for Target next. I feel like my wardrobe looks like half of the Loft store now. Well, no, not half. I do not have a huge closet really, but more than half of it is now gradually turning out to be from Loft and naturally since I work there. So since I feel like I have a burgeoning fashionista in me these days and I cannot seem to stop wanting enough clothes , I am going to divide my very very limited finances and get one item every two months. Well, every two months if expensive and every month if thrifted. Sounds good right? I have made a list of basics that every girl should have and am going to make sure I do not end up having way too many shirts but no good pants.

Also, have decided, even if I do not post every day, every now and then how about a picture of our pets? Why, cause they are the cutest and nicest things in our world. Have a good Monday everyone!!

a sort of smile
my little vinny-poo

2 thoughts on “Hedgehog (I suck at blog titles and will just say whatever)

  1. All’s well in Anwesha’s world, eh? Nice post. Looking forward to the news 🙂 and yes, have to fake some excitement about our own 49ers. 😉 yay!

  2. hehe! I don’t care much about this thing but Shalaka cheering a team in a sport so so popular here made me a) bend-in and b)cool

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