Me you ask?

So this morning I was reading a blog of a random person I chanced upon from a friend’s blog and was simultaneously in awe and jealous of how smartly this person had written random details about herself. I was jealous cause it seemed like she was able to be smart and witty and honest very effortlessly. I want my writing to make you guys feel like that – jealous and giggly and making you want to be me 😉 Okay!

I am going to try mentioning random details about myself too. Yes, Me, Me and Me!

  • I never re-read my posts once before I post them. And that is why there are numerous typos and grammatical mistakes.
  • Also, I hate grammatical errors a lot. If it were a dating rule, I would be my biggest turn-off.
  • Speaking of dating, all the guys I have dated have been younger than me ,by months .( somehow not clarifying that made me sound like a pedophile)
  • The names I use for my cat and dog are vinny-poo, otto-pottoh, ottuli, venison hehe!
  • I am a bona-fide cat woman.
  • I have noticed something disturbing in the way me and my parents express our love when we find something cute. We involuntarily grind our teeth! mmm creepy?
  • I keep picking at the skin around my thumbs and they look positively ghastly.
  • The bones in my thumbs make a weird clicking noise which always irritated the crap out of my mother.
  • I think Indians are very dramatic and melodramatic. My husband thinks I am good at both of that. And not in a good way.
  • One more thing I have noticed, we Indians take umbrage at the littlest of things at times and are very sensitive to any shape and form of India-bashing.
  • With the above declarations having been made in the free world,hopefully, I will proudly say I love being an Indian.  It just took me another country and 4 years and counting outside my country to come to this.
  • I love Indian regional language songs the most.
  • I am a big snob when it comes to buying clothes. I was just telling a friend that discovering this is not unusual or scary, rather interesting that I am actually that person!
  • I find my husband the sexiest in his grey sweat pants. Seriously. Also love his ‘happy-trail’ haha!
  • I swear a lot. Enjoy using the ‘F’ word.
  • I consider myself funny but am so shy that most people don’t seem to get it. I majorly enjoy sarcasm and dry-wit humor.
  • I am very curious about the term ‘stereotypes’ and love studying these groups a lot.
  • I wish I had a bigger butt. Not a humongous one. I have often caught myself staring at butts. Again, creepy?

And hey guys, a not so random detail  – this brand new nursing assistant (remember?) got herself a brand new job today. Eeeek! Okay, before I lose it all, I want to say the job details are still being worked out and so I don’t want to say more.

But go ahead and raise a toast for this happy girl today!!


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