Ham and Turkey Sandwich (That’s what I am going to make myself now!)

It is a good day outside. A little cloudy and muggy but not cold, not as rainy as the last few days had been and definitely not gloomy. I am at home today studying for my English class in the evening. These days it is all about classes, assignments, working at Loft and spending time at home with the three boys. What else could I do? Hmm.. may be take dance classes, join a reading-club, go volunteer some place? I don’t know. I might just be content.  I do not want over-crowding in my life. I do not want to have to take up activities to make my life appear busy busy.

Although, life will get pretty busy after 2 weeks. I will be starting a new job. A real job in ,hopefully, my new and lasting career. I will be working three days a week initially from 7AM-7PM. Yep! a big jump from my easy 5 hr shifts at Loft. I expect some big adjustments from my body and mind. I will also have to learn time management so that my performance in classes do not take a beating. And on top of all this, I would still like to spend time at home, play with my pets and salvage the fledgling social life I have now.

Next week is my last at Loft and will complete my 7 month stay at this job. My longest post-wedding return to America and my best over-all. I had interviewed for this position back in February of 2011 for just a Fri-Sat part-time position which was unfortunately not available then. But on my way out of the mall I also decided to step in to another store and got that job instead. So it did not suck as bad because the tech support job I was doing then was miserable and I wanted anything to bail me out of that place. I ended up leaving the other mall job in 2 months because a) it was a place where I saw how bad corporate policies can bring out human ugliness and b) my parents were coming to spend their first summer with us in the US and coupled with the first reason, made sense to just be with them for that one and a half months. But on the day of their departure back to India, I got a call from Loft saying that part-time position had opened up again and if I was still looking they would love for me to work there. There were a lot of things up in the air back then. I had enrolled myself in a nursing assistant class after much deliberation and thought, finances were a mess and everything in general looked uncertain. So, why not take up a part-time job and just bring in some money.  This is how I ended up working for a small but delightful place. Loved the girls, the clothes and the aggressive-free work environment. Learned so much about fashion, style and trends. A very good 7 months I must say.

A lot of the girls I liked are now moving to better prospects and so this new job could not have come at a better time. I am very happy for my friends moving up and working where they should. Everyone should eventually move on and move up. This is how a balance is achieved in the work-force in general right?

I will also miss the fabulous employee discount. I have not bought any clothes full-price in a long ass time. I still have one award to use.  We are doing this Associate Style-it board for ‘Now’ and ‘Later’ ,meaning pick up an outfit which you will wear at daytime and then add accessories to switch it up for a night time look. I wanted to show you guys what I wore. I am not a style diva in anyway, so do not be thinking like what am wearing is IN or the IT thing to wear, I just wore stuff I liked in the pre-Spring collection.

Mind you, these are pictures of pictures. Yeah and my manager caught me taking my own picture, how vain!! haha!


Everything can be found at http://www.loft.com


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